Quick Queue is an intuitive, contact-less customer experience management system that provides fast delivery service.
It provides a comprehensive solution to customer management problems and fosters business growth.

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Quick Queue offers an application for your mobile that effectively assists in queue management. It enhances your experience of waiting in a line through only a tap on your mobile phone, subsequently boosting productivity.

What is Quick Queue

Quick Queue is a smart queue management system in Bangladesh that reduces your queue waiting time and helps you to serve more customers and improve your staff's efficiency.
It improves service efficiency and increases your revenues.


Eliminates Long Queue

Gives your clients access to the resources they need in a long queue without wasting their time. It equips the company with decreased capital to serve more.

Boosts Staff Productivity

Frees employers from handling long queues, enabling them to concentrate on what matters, meeting consumer needs that contribute to an increasing sense of achievement.

Fewer Customer Complaints

Flexible functionality and real-time notifications that improve mobility enable consumers to be updated and motivated, reducing the reach of complaints.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Gets information about the facilities, waiting time, and customers in real-time. The reports produced by the system help key areas of improvement to be established.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

A safe cloud-based solution ready for on-the-go use; accessible from anywhere, anywhere.

How it works!

Register for Token

The customer can collect token together with the Kiosk ticket, and print a specific token number that can be checked by the operators later. The service counters are fixed for particular services.

On Spot Check-In

If the user gets the call to meet or take up the predefined service, the user can now continue. He will get an immediate place for the next service queue when the user notifies the manager that he attended the meeting.

MULTI-Service Delivery

The user will be able to take multiple tokens for multiple queues and manage them one by one.

Feedback & Report

Users may anonymously check and provide input on the quality of services.

Key Features

Flexible & highly customizable cloud-based customer experience management application aiding business intelligence for your targeted growth.

Felxible Priority Management

Very organized and reliable queue management system. As it is a web-based queue management system it is much easier to allocate tickets to the users.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Tracking the behavior of the customers is uncomplicated and gives us clear serial management.

Counter & Service Customization

The customization of counters and services have made the waiting lines operations management more accessible and the navigation f services and counters are easy and user-friendly

Single Token Customer Journey

The user does not have to move around without knowing what to do with the ticket; the application makes the collecting and attaining process of the services very trouble-free.

Customer Database Organization

The digital queue management system has made the organization of the entire database much more unchallenging and secure. The database can be much more optimized and user-friendly after using this queue management system.

Real Time Communication

The real-time information about the services, waiting time, and clients helps in making everything categorized and optimized. The reports created by the system help to identify key areas of improvement.

Detailed Meeting Logs

Records of meetings and every other service help in enhancing and organizing the waiting line analysis operations management.

Secure & Cross-Platform

The automated queue management system is very secured and coherent to be used by multiple users with the requirement for multiple queries and tasks.

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